I grew up in a small rural town in Ohio, moved to New Orleans for five years, and then moved back to a suburb in northern Cincinnati. Living in New Orleans has given me a unique perspective on life and offered experiences that I will never forget, but I have found that hurricanes are much less damaging when they reach Ohio than they are when they strike the Gulf Coast.

I have always had a passion for computers, and have turned that passion into a career in IT. I recently decided to return to school and obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology. I plan to use the knowledge that I have acquired (and am still learning) in order to pursue a role in application development.

When I am not busy at work or studying, I enjoy cooking, cycling, and watching football (Go Saints!). I also recently became the father to two beautiful twin girls who have, among other things, completely changed my view on life

I use technology on a regular basis both in my professional and private life. I'm often faced with a situation in which I do not like how a particular application is designed or discover that no adequate application exists to accomplish the task at hand. When I am faced with such a circumstance, I see this as an opportunity to create my own application!

I have included some of these applications below. The source code for these applications can be found within my Github profile as well. Feel free to use these applications as you see fit and report any bugs or suggestions to me so that I am able to fix or improve them as needed.

A simple, ad-free stopwatch app
Improved exit option for firefox for android

I keep myself very busy throughout the day, but in my free time I enjoy cooking, cycling, and watching football. I feel these activities pair well together as learning to cook my own food has resulted in a much healthier diet, while cycling allows me to burn all of the calories from eating the delicious food that I cook!

I purchased my first home a couple of years ago, and as a result have dramatically increased my skills and knowledge of minor construction and repair. I'm also helping to raise my beautiful twin daughters, Grace and Evelyn. I hope to do my part to make the world a better place to hand to them.